Surmai Aanchal ki Trha …!


Surmai Aanchal ki Trha …!

Urdu Ghazals
Urdu Ghazal Shayeri
Raat Pheli Hy Tere, Surmai Aanchal ki Trha
Chaand Nikla Hy Tuje Dhondne, Pagal ki Trha
Khushk Patton Ki Trha, Loog Urry Jaty Hen
Shehar Bi Ab Tw Nazr Aata Hy, Jungle ki Trha
Phir Khiyalon Mein Tere Qurab Ki Khushbu Jagi
Phir Barsne Lagi Hy Ankhen Meri, Badal ki Trha
Be Wafaon Se Wafa Kr Ky, Guzaari Hy Hayaat
Mein Barsta Rha Weraano Mein, Badal ki Trha

Urdu Ghazal Shayeri: 

Poetry is only the language which describe your whole feelings in a very short manner. Poetry has been written in almost every language all over the world. Someone has rightly said that sad poetry is the expression of  sorrows which human faces in his daily life. In very brief, Ghazal or Poem is a short story of your whole life, Poet describe the whole feelings of human life in very short pieces. This is called Ghazal or Poem.

Poetry Club:

This is online platform which is offering a ton of poetry and Quotes that affects your heart directly. We are offering Sad Urdu Poetry, Urdu Ghazal Shayeri, Sad Image Poetry, Sad Image Shayeri, English Poems, Udaas Poetry and ton of more. 

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